Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver Daily Build

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Checking out the daily build for Ubtunu 18.04 Bionic Beaver.

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  1. >This [insert random OS name here] sucks! It's buggy and it crashes and it's hard to use! [Insert random OS developer name here] needs to fix this right now!!!
    >How dare [insert random OS developer name here] collect information about how I use [insert random OS name here] to help them understand how they can fix bugs and improve their OS!

    I've never understood this myself. Look, if you want a secure OS with no data collection, I completely understand and respect that. But at the same time I don't think it's fair to expect of such an OS to work perfectly on every system, to have a user friendly UI and to overall be a easy system to use.
    Ubuntu has been trying for as long as I've known it to be "Linux for human beings", and as far as I'm concerned they are still far away from this goal. I just don't see it as a viable Windows/MacOS replacement for a basic user. One of the things I think they're missing is a better understanding of how basic users interact with it, and that's because I don't think these users will register on forums and join the overall Linux community.
    So if you have a better idea on how Canonical can gather this kind of information, I'm open to hearing it, but until then, I don't think I can criticize them for trying something new to help them compete with the big guys.

  2. Funny, My first experiance with ubuntu was the minimal text install of 16.x. I never tried wayland or even know if that will allow me to use the windowmanagers I love like FVWM and windowmaker or CDE desktop. I stay with what I know for now..X! Now about those data collecting apps installed and activated by ubuntu.. are those only with X/wayland based install? Or is it down to the text/kernel level? Also, havent many linux distros had some form of data collection for debug and error/bug reporting,etc for years?

  3. Just a 1.4 GB ISO? LOL. Kinda small for Ubuntu, isn't it?
    This 18.04 build seems to be less glitched than 16.04 when it was alpha. I don't know, everything seems pretty fast for GNOME. I got it installed on a real machine (not virtualbox) just to test stuff.
    The privacy issue drives me mad. I didn't like how the data has been collected. It reminds me of Windows 10 or even older versions that also have data collection implemented. Even old age Windows XP couldn't escape. I feel really pity on those who thinks they're safe using and old and outdated version of Windows with data collection.
    I don't like the fact Canonical and Microsoft are so close and kinda work together I'm not able to see what's going on under the hood. Well… Microsoft probably is influencing Canonical indirectly to add slowly more data collection on Ubuntu, this way, Microsoft won't be the only one to do it. Maybe it's an evil plan to make everyone else to use Windows because you can't get rid of data collection no matter what OS'es you decide to use, so people will switch to Windows because is convenient and everyone else uses… Did I go too far? Okay, ikr.

  4. Thanks for very much for this video. I've had 17.10 on my laptop, with Wayland enabled as the default option. After I saw this video, I tried switching to X.org and voilà! Performance boost and battery life extended by a couple of hours.

  5. Nice video! I've considered doing a "first look at Ubuntu 18.04" video myself, but nothing much has changed in the daily builds compared to Ubuntu 17.10. Most of the features planned for 18.04 haven't been ported to the daily builds. Once more features are ported, I will check it out.

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