Ubuntu 18.04 Budgie Desktop Tour [It’s Elegant]

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Continuing the Ubuntu 18.04 series, let’s have a look at Ubuntu 18.04 Budgie edition.

This video gives you the desktop tour of Ubuntu 18.04 so that you can see this elegant desktop environment in action and decide for yourself if you want to install and use it or not.

Stay tuned for more Ubuntu 18.04 videos.

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  1. I have this installed but I perfer the Gnome Shell better. On April 16th gnome shell 3.28.1 gets released with the memory leak fixed. And on the 26th Ubuntu 18.04.1 is released. So Im waiting patiently.

    My game plan is to install Ubuntu 18.04 with a minimal install. Update to Linux Kernel 4.16.2 lowlatency, Gnome Shell 3.28.1.

  2. looks like time to l eave Ubuntu. I still use my computer for real work, I don't want a tablet or a phone look and feel that wants to put so many widgets, outside intrusive apps and other extraneous eye candy.

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