Ubuntu 18.04 preview

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Ubuntu 18.04 preview the original stable version is coming on 26th April.
The codename of Ubuntu 18.04 is Bionic Beaver.

More info :

I made also a video with 18.04 on my old laptop :


  1. This can't be 18.04. (The background image is still showing the "Artful Aardvark" background!) I think the author must be mistaken?…I guess is they can show in the Terminal the version and release number?…that might clear things up!?…or maybe go to "Settings" and select "About This Computer"?….

  2. For anyone that likes speed and good looks, this isn't for you. They say Gnome is faster, but it's costing your graphics a lot of memory and I been getting a lot of laggy moments. Also, there's a lot of bugs in 17.10. It kept thinking I was grabbing a folder on the desktop so I couldn't do anything unless I restarted my whole computer. Don't recommend this. Also, it looks ugly, so…yeah. They are dropping like M.S. Windows 8, 8.1, and 10. Shame on you Ubuntu team. Killin what made you popular in the first place. :/

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