ubuntu 3D Desktop (Cube) (KDE & Compiz Fusion & CairoDock) fullHD 1080p

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Window Dancing 😉

3D Desktop ubuntu “Karmic Koala”, KDE4, Compiz Fusion, CairoDock


  1. Stock Kubuntu for you.
    Fuck Ubuntu, go for the variants people have been building.
    I don't mean fuck the platform because it's godly, just fuck the stock, it's built for innovation.
    If you want a blank slate cool, but if you're used to windows or the apple os just go for Kubuntu, install a good unpacker and you're set, just so long as you are willing to learn how the environment works.

    Just saying Kubuntu comes with everything already set up aside from an auto-installer.
    Are there any variants that match Kube for accessibility right off the bat now after 8 years of me not looking?

  2. I have Fedora 22 w/ GNOME 3.16, 4 GB RAM. Today was the day I finally got cubed windows to work.

    The rest of the effects, like the fire and the other stuff, how do I accomplish it?

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