Ubuntu 9 04 vs Windows 7

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Ubuntu fight off wothe Windows 7 in boot time drag race

Ubuntu 9.04 Spec:
Pentium Celeron 1.86 GHz

Win 7 Spec:-
AMD Turion 64 X2 QL-60 / 1.9 GHz ( Dual-Core )


  1. Yeah! This is where Ubuntu really shines…booting. And nothing else, except going to forums and asking assholes how to do something, and being referred to the same non-existent or out of date resources ten times, only to find you have to ask those same arrogant assholes another question to install your printer or get your video editor to work.

  2. i have compared both, an my pc and the speed of ubuntu its faster by 15 seconds on boot it takes only 8 seconds to boot up, and windows 23 seconds to boot up, but thats only ubuntu if i use a more robust linux like redhat or mandriva no diference at all, diference set up servers security programing best Linux, gaming best windows plus the fact you can do the same but the security, the only way linux its ever gonna be best is when its a gaming platform

  3. @akk2939 actually if computers where sold with Linux any distro, those computers would be cheaper cos half the money you pay for it, its the cost of windows preinstalled and ready to launch.

  4. @wacossusca34 Windows 7 =Happiness, Mac= Confusion, Ubuntu=garbage, Linux= what the hell is that. My computer loads faster than that (windows7) and other peoples windows 7 laptops and towers load faster than that.

  5. Respond to this video… …50% of 80% of people when buying PC they dont even know what start menu is so you cant really rely on those calculations and determine which OS is better.

  6. @akk2939 GOOD things are NOT GOOD for those who make compatibility standards. windows has commercials, well, had – not anymore cause it holds 80% of the planet already, so it has money and money says whats "GOOD" or not. so if someone pays you $1.000.000 to make something compatible with windows instead of linux youd take that money, ofcrs. AND if those 80% of people were into computers they wuldnt be "wrong" because then they would use ungenuine win. or linux and then things would change…

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