Ubuntu – Download From BBC Iplayer With get_iplayer

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get_iplayer –pid

thank you for watching 😀


  1. Thank you very much for pointing me somewhere. I've been searching the website for solutions for ages and posted my query somewhere yet few responses.

    On every trial, I used the most updated version of get_iplayer.
    I'm using Windows 7.

    Yes, I'll read your guide in a moment.

    Thank you.

  2. Previously I'd tried Best UK VPN service yet it returned a rtmp_dump failure, as I'd said before. With the use of the UK VPN service, I managed to download a subtitle but not the programme itself.

  3. This doesn't work with radio programmes on BBC iplayer. Can someone tell me if the programme get_iplayer is capable of downloading radio please? How do you do it? Thanks for any help.

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