Ubuntu for Phones: A Continuum Competitor

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It’s been three years since we last used Ubuntu on smartphones. In that time, the platform has gained compatibility with a wider range of hardware, picked up a few interface improvements, and spawned some slick new features. From the Ubuntu booth at MWC join Michael Fisher for a quick hands-on with Ubuntu on the Meizu Pro 5!


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  2. Wouldn't be surprised if Google's rumored Andromeda OS is similar to this. They are already combining Android and ChromeOS with android app support on Chromebooks. It's just the next step in ChromeOS or Android's evolution

  3. For the computer to phone concept to work well, you either need a solid windowed version of the OS For display, or x86 on phones. Microsoft should just make everything run on x86, or have two builds of Windows,one for ARM processors and one for x86.

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  5. The UI is too much like Android. I like the computer extension option so I can see me going for this over a Android phone, but I was hoping for something really different…like Windows Phone different, but different from even Windows Phone. Yawning…

  6. Man I am so sick of google shoving their cock down my throat I'm tempted to get one just to tell the "Do Be Evil" company to go fuck themselves with a sandpaper horsedick.

  7. I'd also love to see Ubuntu phones flourish because android is basically a way for google to get ALL of your data. The google ecosystem works, but it sucks, especially when it comes to backups. Apple's ecosystem is amazing, it works, but it's just so expensive to keep up with. If Ubuntu could get more apps – scrap this "scopes" thing, because it looks crap, then I think we've got a competitor on our hands. An open-source mobile phone with LTS updates would be incredible…

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