Ubuntu for Phones vs iOS Comparison

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Canonical’s Ubuntu 12.10 Touch developer preview hit the press late last week. We have poked and prodded nearly every inch of Ubuntu for Phones. In this video, we compare Ubuntu to iOS, from the principles they were built on, to the way they operate and look.


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  1. Ubuntu is not a dual boot install out of the box, I suppose you can get some third party installer to manage that for you. Official phablet installation process wipes your phone and installs Ubuntu.
    And if you still feel like you need to dual boot your PCs, you are doing it wrong 🙂

  2. When u see that this video have been made 7 month ago, and the Ubuntu Touch OS's still not released, u can expect many improvement in those 7 month in terms of speed, responsiveness and content 🙂

    Sry for the poor english

  3. holy shit, if its have same apps libraries like Ubuntu for PC ( tons of great great great freeware ) and have similar stability and performance, this OS would blown iOS and Android

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