Ubuntu for tablets – Full video

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Watch Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth explain Ubuntu for tablets and what it offers industry partners.


  1. Ok, so how do you get this shit on tablet? This video's been out for a hot second and I can't find anything online on how to get it. I have an iPad and a kindle fire. Be great to have this on one if not both.

  2. honestly "ubuntu for phones" user interface is more suitable for a huge tablet while "ubuntu TV's interface" is more suitable for the phone and ubuntu for desktop/tablet is too complex and should stay in a desktop PC, ms. Griffin

  3. Now if only this had gotten wide release back then. Now iOS and Android, and even Windows to an extent, are implementing these features that made this unique

  4. I want to be able to buy any tablet or phone, wipe it and install Ubuntu as easily and effectively as I can with desktop and laptop computers. As of yet, this is not a reality. But I am still hopeful.

  5. This is shit.
    I went onto the website to learn how to install it and all I saw is stupid advertizing and a PR video.
    I dont fucking want to know what it might be used for, i want to fucking install it. There is no download button nor a proper tutorial. Fucking marketing idiots-

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