Ubuntu Kylin

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The objective of the UbuntuKylin project is to create a variant of Ubuntu. UbuntuKylin is a formal member of the Ubuntu family, commencing with UbuntuKylin 13.04.

In UbuntuKylin 13.04, will provide:

-Weather Indicator

-Chinese Calendar

-Online Music Search on Dash
*(Baidu Music Search does not work outside of China).

-Chinese Input Method

-Cooperation with WPS

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Asian Dream by Butterfly…


  1. Did you try running QQ (IM and VoIP) in Ubuntu Kylin? I've tried several several methods on regular Ubuntu (12.04) with no luck. I really need the ability to make QQ VoIP calls.

    Probaste QQ (no sólo para chatear pero también para hacer llamadas) en Ubuntu Kylin? He probado varios métodos en Ubuntu normal (12.04, que vino pre-instalado en una lap HP de Bodega Aurrera) pero sin éxito. Necesito mucho la abilidad hacer llamadas QQ.

  2. in Kylin 13.10 is "Open termina here" default in menu, and better input method (Fcitx) by default.
    Better costumization, so… if XFCE will not ship with Mir, so i install Ubuntu Kylin and i'm remove chinese calendar baidu music and weather :).

    I testing now at VM, and is okay.
    i cannot understand why in 13.10 non Kylin default is ibus…

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