Ubuntu LAMP Server 12.10 Part 1: Download & Install into VirtualBox

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Ubuntu 12.10 Server is downloaded from the Ubuntu website. A virtual guest computer is created and configured in VirtualBox. The downloaded Ubuntu 12.10 iso file is installed as a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) server on a virtual guest. Updates and configuration are shown in Part 2 of this series: “Ubuntu LAMP Server 12.10 Part 2: Set FQDN, Update and Verify LAMP Operation”-


  1. You can always install a desktop on the server using "sudo apt-get install desktop". The only reason for not having the desktop is that it makes the server less secure- more ways to get into the server since you have additional security openings from desktop software. The server with a desktop does require additional resources- For a practice Moodle LAMP server I've found that 1GB for the guest machine seems quite adequate. It can't hurt to try it out. Good Luck

  2. I'm going to install Ubuntu for LAMP purposes on a Dell Poweredge R300. Will it´╗┐ make much difference in performance if I install the server based O/S instead of Desktop? I like having a GUI!!

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