Ubuntu Linux 13.04 Versus Windows 8

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  1. I am a sysadmin. Windows 8/8.1 is the technically superior option in compared to Windows 7. Memory optimization in the newer NT 6.20s is freaking amazing. As a result, boot time is ridiculously short. To date, I've never seen a faster booting machine. My linux (ubuntu14.04LTScentos6) (NO GUIS) VMs boot as fast as my Server 2012 R2 (basically Windows 8.1) with MSSQL 2012 AND GUI VM. Physicals results are about the same with Linux barely taking the cake.

    My professional .02: If you can adapt to the new design, get Windows 8.1 if you can. It's linux fast and MAC OSX reliable.

  2. The total design for Windows 8 is shit… I prefer Win7 any day. You made an incorrect comparison because Win8 is just irrelevant to everything, I can't believe Windows even claims it XD. And no, im not a Linux user by default, Ive used Windows since I was 7 or 8 and I'm 17 now. Just got Ubuntu 14.04 last November. Now if I were to compare Ubuntu to Win7, naturally I would run to Win7 because I'm basically still a beginner to Linux and I have more experience in Win7. But for anyone else I would say it depends on what you like. There are very noticeable differences between Ubuntu and Windows 7… It's what you prefer that shapes your decision because I think they both have pros and cons spread across them equally. They both can make me extremely frustrated sometimes to the point of tears and I just want to take a sledge hammer and destroy the computer lol I have to say when my mom bought a new computer with Win7 I was so so happy and excited because our last computer was shit-smeared shit, but I was equally happy when I put Ubuntu on my laptop. Dont regret either of them, i still love em so that must mean something.

  3. I have repaired a number of computer for friends.
    This what I have seen.
    Windows : has to be maintained with a spy ware checker, virus checker and a registry cleaner. You also can't install a number of programs because of the problems above. Don't install anything
    with the words Free, Coupons, Gamble, Toolbar, Shopping and Porn. Every windows machine I repaired has or will come back.
    Also friends who wanted to re install Windows did not like the
    process. The drivers had to be downloaded for the motherboard,
    video card and etc first then reinstall.

    Linux: How to maintain, Update 1 click and your done and no programs you don't want will be added. Every computer I have installed Linux on is still running has not came back.
    Some friends installed Linux, thought the process was fine
    with the same and or equal to Windows most said it was easier.
    The concept of: Installing to a usb flash drive and plug it
    into almost any other computer and it will run.
    Testing Linux from DVD and running a full OS with installing
    anything. Installing a number of programs at once.
    See a old Vista PC run again fast a with the latest stuff.
    All was shocking!! Really I can do that?
    Run what works for you!!! For Me it's Linux mint KDE and Window 7.

  4. 11:35– "Well, as you see here I prefer to stick with Windows 7. Uh I chose not to upgrade to Windows 8 … not that I think Windows 8 stinks it's just that um I'm quite happy personally with a Windows 7 machine."

    You chose not to "upgrade" to Windows 8? Going from Windows 7 to Windows 8 is not an upgrade. It is a downgrade. And you do not think that Windows 8 stinks? How can an operating system "stink"?

  5. linux was the slowest computer company ever, no lie. I got one of there PC's and damn was it slow, it ran as good as an old XP laptop, then I tried a different PC of theres, a little better, but as good as a NEWER version of XP laptop…

  6. I need help with this Ubuntu, PLEASE someone help?

    1) Can't choose resolution. Except for the 3 default options that are all so low and 5:4 or 4:3 and I'm using a 1920×1080 monitor. I tried many different codes in the terminal to download/update the drivers, nothing worked.

    2) I can't hear anything from my headset, I'm assuming I also need the drivers installed in Ubuntu for that.

    3) Recently the OS went ballistic on me and crashed and nothing opened other than the terminal, I mean the terminal is taking up the entire screen with nothing else around. Had to delete it and uninstall it and re-install it now, it's installing again. But I need help so that I won't run into these issues again.

    I went all over the internet for solutions, went to countless websites, tried countless different stuff, nothing worked.

  7. @Dominic Parkhurst "Depending what you need then Windows 7 would be best for compatibility and Ubuntu would be best for older, slower computers which are just used for casual use."
    I agree with the exact opposite. My main machine is a powerhouse and I run Ubuntu as the main OS. Windows 7 isn't able to make use of the power I have available the way Linux can.. I'm a coder, I do masses of compiling and testing and sometimes have several virtuals on the go. Win 7 just couldn't keep up and even when it came to browsing in Win 7, the computer would grind to a halt with around 80 tabs open. This is no issue on Ubuntu and I run 2 different versions of Firefox at the same time and Chrome with hundreds of tabs open at the same time. I think whatever knowledge you have about Ubuntus capabilities is seriously lacking. The only reason I think you have labelled Ubuntu as casual use and for old slow computers is your lack of knowlege about Linux. For a start, old slow computers can barely run it.

  8. I do say that the windows 8 sucks. I have never had so many issues than I have had with it with any other windows system I have used before. It may work fine on phone or tablets but it really is not good system for computer where you use mouse to get around. And I don't even go to it how it's updates manages to mess up everything from starting how you log in to the computer or disables the brightness control. If you are looking for a new computer try to find one without windows 8.

  9. Windows and Linux both have there ups and downs. There will never be an absolute champion. However, unless I'm playing a windows specific game, I always use Linux. Its easy to do what I do on it. Isn't that the point of an GUI based os? To make certain tasks easier and get to take faster so you can spend more time on that task?

  10. I sort of understood what you said about how windows 8 should have a start button, well it does.
    The metro screen is the start button. Windows 8.1 has also added the physical button for it but the video was uploaded a while ago so I can see your point clearly.

    Good Match-Up of Linux vs Windows.

  11. Google is much less evil than Microsoft, and also when you buy a computer with Chrome it will be easy to put a decent Linux distro on it, because all the drivers are there. I'm writing this on a cheap HP laptop (g62) that has run several Ubuntu variants (Bodhi, Unity, Mint Cinnamon) with no problems.

  12. Windows 8 might be OK if tablet, phone and PC users all wanted the same O/S. They dont! It's like trucks, bull dozers, cars, ships, trains and planes all having the same driver controls just because they have pistons.
    I want a PC O/S that doesn't just pander to the air-heads in screen-flicking TV ads.
    How about being just able to switch off "touchscreens"? Microsoft is just trying to tough it out like they did with Visa. PC sales have tanked because replacement buyers have just gone on strike.

  13. These are my thoughts on the 3 major Operating systems:
    Linux delivers quality but not quantity.
    Windows delivers quantity but not quality.
    And finally, Mac delivers Rubbish. It's smooth I give it that, but other than that, i don't have much else to say about it. Hardly any backwards compatibility, not good for gaming, too restricted, no Hdmi ports, hard to connect to projectors, too expensive. I could go on with all my quirks with Mac, but it'd be far…far to large for this post.

  14. Ubuntu's speed is directly dependent on your hardware. Crappy hardware = crappy experience. Unity, because it is very demanding, makes it even more difficult for Ubuntu to use lower end hardware. I used Mint, but I prefer Ubuntu with Unity.

  15. Answering your question:
    You are using VirtualBox, the native environment for XP-Mode and you task why Linux isn't moving that slightly as Windows 8?
    Use a real stable virtualhosting Software like VMWare, care about the drivetool for virtual machines and your Linux will move much smoother than Windows (exept maybe a new installed). I am a Windows 8 user telling this truth.
    Why I do not change my OS to Linux? Just because the ever told "compability" is not given as needed if you have to work.

  16. I've used Ubuntu before and it's slow and even more so since it started to use Unity. You picked the worst of the lot to compare with Windows. You should have picked Mint at least.

  17. Even though 8.1 Metro looks better, you still have to do more clicking to get to where you need to be. You can still choose third party software that addresses the missing start button, if you choose. Regardless of where Microsoft's direction is going with 8.1, the jury is out and most people do not like it. Their sales are down and so are the hardware sales that have 8.1 OS on it, i.e., Hewlett Packard. I agree with the author here. Stick with Windows 7 >> 64 bit OS and dual boot with Ubuntu.

  18. Interesting enough, I just read an article about HP and Microsoft finally parting ways. Why? Because Microsoft has decided to make their own hardware which is in direct conflict with HP and their past relationship together. HP has now decided to opt for Google Chrome OS instead of Ubuntu and I don't know why. This decision, both by MIcrosoft and HP will not benefit either. Windows 8 is now 8.1 and still does not address the start button but changes Metro to look more like the start menu.

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