ubuntu Linux 3D desktop effects (KDE & Compiz Fusion & CairoDock) fullHD 1080p

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Eine kleine Demonstration, was mit einem Desktop möglich wird, wenn man eine komplette 3D Benutzeroberfläche über die GPU (Grafikkarte) laufen lässt. The future is now! 😉

Verwendet werden ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala mit KDE, Compiz Fusion und CairoDock.

Wundert Euch nicht über die recht hohe Prozessorlast in diesem Video, diese ist durch zwei Gründe bedingt höher als normal:
1. Dieses Video wurde während der Aufnahme natürlich live abgegriffen, codiert und auf Platte…


  1. Champion. 6 years old and win-doze still doesn't have anything like it (Linux user since 96 with Slackware). I even remember when Ubuntu came out and the slashdot community slammed it – although I did get 10 free CD's to test it out as they were mailing them to anyone that asked. I guess that's why it got so high on distrowatch. Heaps better distros out there. Cheers for the vid mate.

  2. Linux is advanced and open source, a great advantage over a closed (if customizable) environment like Windows since everyone can contribute to it's development, it's literally a "people's system", yet that "people's system" never managed to get nearly as big audience as Windows did. The reasons for that are quite simple, it does not have the advertising power behind it and it also has the stigma of being complicated to use, the "average Joe" gets scared of the thought having to put some brainpower into using a OS, even though Android, IOS and MacOS, the other very popular oses, are just UNIX derivatives and the common user has no second thoughts about using those. Although it's also true that being free of charge, Linux also has that "share everything" tone to it, even it's users have that mentality and that's not in the best interest of the common businessman who wants to sell products to his consumers, hence the OS not having the kind of supply of commercial software as it's rivals have.

  3. except for the repetitive jingle,
    that's pretty frikkin' rad
    (though i do miss the days where 4gb ram was enough for anything and doubt it will be able to handle that, kinda makes me want to get 16gb of ram, but just for a DA, good grief)

  4. @DenisBurzic Да, то би требало да добро раде са 10.04. Извините, мој криве српска, ја само користите Гоогле Транслатор.

    Yes that should work well with 10.04.

  5. Sry hatte meine Fragen gelöscht weil du diese Antworten schonmal beantwortet hast in anderen Kommentaren und ich diese kurz nach meinen Fragen gefunden habe. ; )
    Habe es rausbekommen. DANKE. ; )

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