Ubuntu/Linux Mint Optimized For SSD Guide 2017 16.04

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This guide is for Ubuntu/LinuxMint for users who wish to set up their OS with speed and SSDs in mind.

Step 1:

Install in EFI mode if possible by selecting the usb with UEFI in the title in your BIOs

Install grub boot-loader to you root partition if you are dual or even triple booting.

Do not install “Swap space” partition. *SSD ONLY*

Edit: if you want to install Swap you can, its not gonna be…


  1. Excellent guide! Thanks very much.
    If I may, please allow me to mention what one should do if running firefox and have a non-ssd card attached as well. Firefox does a great deal of writing within sessions; therefore, reassigning it to write to a standard HD is what I'd highly recommend. Here is how:

    (1) Make a directory on your other HD (i.e., not the SDD) and call it anything you like, such as f:FirefoxDump. (This will be where firefox will soon be to put its info.)
    (2) Open Firefox
    (3) type "about:config" in the address bar, without the inverted commas.
    (4) Accept the rick message.
    (5) Right click anywhere below the search bar to open "New". Select "New String" (Don't worry it is not editing anything where you cursor is/was.)
    (6) Type "browser.cache.disk.parent_directory" (No " ")
    (7) Enter the location of the directory you made in step (1)
    (8) Restart firefox

  2. No reason to be afraid of swap on ssd, you'll change the drive three times before you'd destroy it. I think having swap on ssd has it's advantages like being multiple times faster than hdd swap and that's what matters. I'd encourage you to change the default swappiness which is 60 to something like 5 to 20 though.

  3. dude, I hardly signed in, but had to just to leave a comment to encourage u for making more videos. keep it going! definitely helpful! ur presentation apart from the growling part is perfect.

  4. I am running Linux on a Laptop that has only 3-4 hours of battery life. If I ran Ubuntu exclusively in terminal mode (accessed through ctrl+alt+f2) would I see an increase in battery life? I figure the lack of a GUI would have to give it a boost.

  5. Wow Elliot , Im really glad you put this vid out! You right, not much out there regarding Linux/ssd installs. Had a question. I noticed in your example you were installing the os on a smaller ssd. I have a 120Gb ssd I am throwing Linux Mint on. Would you recommend partitioning an ssd of that size first? Perhaps throwing the os on a smaller partition/logical one. Im still learning Linux and ran into some info on various ways to install. Getting into some depths here that are uncharted waters for me 🙂 Just want to get it right the first time and preserve the life of my new ssd/enjoy fast boot time as well. Thanks again.

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