Ubuntu Linux on a PowerPC G4

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Watch as I try out Ubuntu Linux on an iBook G4. I test various features, DVD, wireless, bluetooth, networking, printing, etc.


  1. Ubuntu 12.04 and 14.04 LTS plays DVDs just fine on my 2006 -2008 White MacBooks

    As do MOST YouTube videos…

    PPC versions should do the same on G4 iBooks and PowerBooks of the 2003-2005 era.

    I'm working up one right now…

    2004 iBook G4 1.33 14 1.25GB..

    $35 on eBay, MINT!

    It will be getting a faster IDE drive…

  2. Xubuntu is much easier on the PC and for users. It is simple, very customizable, and runs very light, taking up less than 512mb of ram at idle. However, that can be pushed even lower.

  3. Lubuntu 12.04 (not LTS) I think is the only thing that works on the Mac G4 MDD Motorola junk. I think after Lu 12.04 there are no updates. Youtube won't play but audio does.

  4. I recently tried a couple of newer versions on the G4 iBook 1.42GHz model. It worked, and I even got all the drivers going, but turns out that the HDD (now 11 years old) basically gave up the ghost. For these older machines, I recommend Lubuntu, which is basically Ubuntu Linux with the lightweight LXDE desktop. I've got a number of old Wintel machines running Lubuntu to get a few more years of useful working life out of them. I'm getting a replacement HDD for the iBook G4. Despite the fact that it is the most obsolete, it is also the prettiest of my old Laptops and I'd really like to keep using it.

  5. hi guys i need help , please . I have a ibook g4 1 g ram memory and 40 hd, do not know how install ubuntu 12.04,, when  i press  the ALT key..  that codes not write on the screen  I do not want to stay with tiger,, I want to give life to my ibook g4. please help

  6. Cool, but a shame you didn't get around to Yellow Dog, given that's developed specifically for PPC. The experience might have been better and more interesting than "It's Ubuntu but with some stuff not working." Would you ever consider revisting this for YDL?

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