Ubuntu Mate 16.10 VS Linux Mint 18 Mate Showdown

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Which one I would recommend would depend on who you are


  1. Hello. I am looking to run the exact same setup as your Ubuntu Mate 16.10 and I'm wondering how/where you got that theme. How did you get the dock to look like that, and the panel on the top to be grey like that. It looks so clean. Please reply! Thanks

  2. I think being more stable is important so I would choose Linux Mint Mate, but I am not really a fan of mate. There are too many desktops and we need to get them focused on making a good one that is flexible enough for all.

  3. I appreciate this video as I have learned a few things about linux in this video.
    BUT……. in my honest opinion, you can not compare Ubuntu Mate and Mint Mate.
    Because they both are Ubuntu, just a different name, but they are both Ubuntu.
    Would be different if you compared Mint vs Manjaro, now that is a Showdown.
    You cant do a showdown on the same Ubuntu. I think what mostly bother me is the word Showdown instead of the word Comparison.
    Its like saying Orange vs Orange Showdown, which one is better…….lol

  4. This video is the one who convinced me to leave "standard" Ubuntu and install Ubuntu MATE. After a few weeks of standard use I'm very happy with my choice! Just a short question: I set my panels as "self hiding panels". Is there any way to set the sensibility by which I have to touch the edge of the monitor to make them appear? At the moment the panel appears even if you brush the edge slightly and It is quite stressful!

  5. Surprise with the icons resizing issue because I just watch Linux Quest review on this distro 16..10 and he noted the the speed and excellence of the icon resizing both above and the plank. Perhaps it's something else?

  6. I am a very experienced Linux user, this year is my 10th anniversary of saying goodbye to Windows. Stability is a good thing, even for experienced users. The purpose of having a computer is getting things done and enjoying yourself. Running the latest and greatest isnt always great. The latest release of anything is bound to have errors at least for some people. For my 10th year I went back to as close to what I started with, gnome 2 and mate is the direct descendant. I went with Mint, the polish it has is very nice. I am very happy I did. I have ran almost every desktop and used a ton of distros. Mint seems to draw me back time and time again.

  7. The icon resize bug in the panel is as a result of the migration to GTK 3. Ubuntu MATE was the first distro to switch to an all GTK3 build of MATE and there are some regressions which we simply didn't have time to fix before release. We are going to focus on fixes, not features, for 17.04.

    16.04 is our LTS and what we'd recommend for users looking for a stable work horse distro, and since Mint 18 is based on 16.04, probably a better version to compare.

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