Ubuntu OS (Operating System, like Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix)

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ubuntu fucking rocks. throw away windows bitches. it’s time for erra erra africa to take the motherfuck over!


  1. @Technoobzdotcom meh, i tried gnome shell awhile back on my ubuntu 10.10 install, i didn't really care for it too much. but yeah as you say, unity will probably a a little more refined by 12.04. (hopefully MUCH lighter)

  2. @miasmablk it's better to just install Gnome 3 shell on top of unity and break unity…cause Gnome 3 is going to be way more configurable than Unity..cause Unity isn't their yet, maybe in 11.10 or 12.04 would be stable enough to run…but Gnome 3 shell is waaaayyy better…but if you want to just stick with Gnome 2.xx than you should try out pinguy os…it's awesome what this guy did with a remix of Ubuntu..

  3. haha fuck yeah i love ubuntu i'm running 11.04 right now. still not to sure about this new Unity interface but at least theres still KDE and the like to fall back on. what version of ubutnu are you running? 🙂

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