Ubuntu Phone OS Follow-up: Jono Bacon Answers YOUR Questions!

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  1. Hi jordan, After watching you do your treadmill / video's I've come to use Slimate Pilates Ball's as my chair in front of my PC, Work and workout with no more numb legs…cheers

  2. I personally was starting to feel some negative feelings towards Canonical because of what seemed to be an increase in bloatware on Ubuntu 12.10, but after seeing how much this guy seems to care about the mobile OS and what it can do for the consumers and for the market as a whole, rather than simply his wallet, makes me a lot more excited to try it out. I now am actively wishing for the movement to mobile OS proves a successful one for Ubuntu.

  3. I think canonical can now safely rename Ubuntu for Android into something like Ubuntu for Superphones/Ubuntu for Quad-core phones/Ubuntu Phone-to-processor technology/etc., with an option to support Android/Ubuntu Phone OS.

  4. I would like to know how the update system works? Do I need to flash every time a new version of the Os or do we have a software updater like in Ubuntu ?

  5. Glad to see this follow up interview Jordan. I love what Ubuntu does for open source and the fact that they're bringing another option for Operating Systems….. With that said I don't see this being a competitive mobile OS. With it being difficult for quick 1 handed operation, it more or less defeats the purpose of a mobile OS. I hope they show this OS some love and get it dialed in…. It might even be a good idea to build a Ubuntu Launcher to warm people up to it

  6. Jono, (I know you're probably not reading this but I'll act like you are because youtube) you can't rely on the providers to know what the consumers want. The providers will probably decide that the consumer is an idiot (Possibly justified). At least put one officially supported terminal available, and people will love you, even if it's not the terminal they want. Just my two cents.

  7. Yes but from his answer, dual boot is not officially supported and we can understand why googlw wouldn't like u to install ubuntu on a device or vice versa. But don't worrry, the community will find a way to do this.

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