Ubuntu – The Next Windows 10?

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Ubuntu 18.04 – Fuhgeddaboud IT!

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  1. If you actually read the article, Its literately ONLY your system hardware. and further more, its only sent once during the install. They open sourced the data collection mechanism so we can see exactly what its collecting. I don't personally see an issue with it. Secondly they are making the results public. Your system hardware specifications are already likely being collected by other various system packages anyways. (No matter the distribution) Everyone is loosing their shit over nothing because they refuse to actually read the article, its video titles like these that further push ignorance.

  2. I’ve got a laptop with 2 bootable ssd’s in it, one with windows 10 pro, and one with Ubuntu Unity 16.04 LTS
    I can’t stand Unity, plus it’s a bit buggy for some reason, and have found I really want the full Ubuntu Mate 16.04 LTS distro anyway
    What’s the best way to install Ubuntu Mate and wipe the Unity distro completely from the ssd?
    I’ve read if you add Ubuntu Mate onto Ubuntu Unity you just end up with bloat due to 2 versions of many types of software
    I want to clean install Ubuntu Mate with no trace left of unity
    Do I download the Mate distro into he windows ssd and install it onto the other ssd? Or download Mate and create an installable usb? Or should I format the ssd by installing windows over the top of Ubuntu Unity…and then install Ubuntu Mate over the top of windows so the two versions of Ubuntu don’t have issues or bloat with each other? Any ‘download/install manager’ I should be using? Any better suggestions or links? Appreciate any help

  3. I think they will shoot themselves in the foot or suicide as a distro honestly. I do hope the lower tiers of Mate; Mint; POPOS; Peperment etc turn it off by default or something better. People may say Ubuntu… What is Ubuntu? because they killed themselves LOL. We will see.

  4. If data collection filters through to Mint then I won't be using it anymore. Also being able to turn it off it well and good but even if it's off by default can enough trust be given that it won't be magically turned on when you aren't looking, like MS do with their updates that have "bugs" causing Windows 10 to default some of its settings.

  5. I went to Mint and gave them a donation. But I didn't backup and donate to Ubuntu/Cinnamon/Debian/Linux. If they are all part of the base and updates hit their servers then who funds them?

  6. There needs to be backlash to Ubuntu from the community or this won't stop. They are seeing the money from Microbandit and it's blinding them to the true basis of what the community stands for. I think Linus ought to share his thoughts with Ubuntu on this one, I bet it would be interesting. Or perhaps Richard Stallman.

  7. Will new distros built on Ubuntu do this also? If Ubuntu wants to know what most users have in hardware to offer a new version for top end hardware, well great. Run an update in Peppermint and see if it hits Ubuntu's repository for software.

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