Ubuntu Tips 2 – For Beginners – Ubuntu 10.04

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So this is my second ”episode” of tips and tricks, for new Ubuntu users. I hope, that these episodes will help a lot of people, into trying Ubuntu and learn about it. Leave a comment about, what you thing of the videos.

This time, I look at System Monitor, Startup Applications and root.

What I did in Terminal:
Open Terminal and type: sudo passwd root
Change the UNIX/root password to what you want.
Retype it and youre done!

Awesome Wallpaper…


  1. OMG thank you soooooooooo much i've been wondering how to use root for soooo long and you finnaly explained it!!!!!!!!!!! and sorry about the last comment i just got mad because i thought you were explaining my problem with my nvidia which i still don't know but sorry about that

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