Ubuntu Unity 8.0 Phone & Tablet Demo – One OS Converged

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Ubuntu Unity 8.0 Phone & Tablet Demo Ubuntu has come out with the Unity 8.0 operating system which works on desktop, mobile and tablets. We go hands on with the Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu edition smartphone at mwc 2016.


  1. Doesn't even look touch responsive. This OS has to have been in the pipeline forever and it's still lagging. I just can't see how this will capture the market when it has few native apps, slow progression and no hardware can run it that well. So we are going to see this OS mainstream next year are we…… Errrrmmm…… I don't think so!

  2. How do we multitask on the tablet? Do we Swipe from the right and then drag the app we want to the left? Can I move the notification view to the left side? Resize it? Split it vertically/horizontally for more than two windows?

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