Ubuntu Virtual Machine Running on a Synology NAS

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Using the Synology Virtual Machine Manager package, this video will show you how to setup a Ubuntu Virtual Machine within a Synology NAS. Find a compatible Synology NAS on Amazon

Follow this step by step guide so you too can create a Ubuntu Virtual Machine on a Synology NAS. This is extremely helpful when trying to isolate and test software in a linux environment. Please note however, a compatible Synology NAS and 4GB + Ram is required to run Virtual Machines.


  1. I find this totally interesting to watch, both for Win10 and Ubuntu.
    Just what's the benefit of having the VMs running inside a browser?
    Or can the browser tabs be closed while running something else to connect to these VMs so for example I could use a small ARM board or some old laptop to use these devices as a thin client?

  2. How to get these virtual machines full screen.. When you choose full screen – it keeps being small on the screen.. Any fix or ideas how to get it like fullscreen. – Tried different things like install a tool to go remote desktop to it instead of watching it thru a browser.. Couldn't get that working.. Anyone out there have good ideas how to fix this?

  3. First of all, great video. I am in love with this NAS and super happy about your new sponsorship. As a fellow creator, would you mind telling me where you got your background track from?

  4. How about installing FreeNAS on a Synology NAS? Is that possible? It'd be nice to leverage XFS too. What about bypassing the Synology software (virtual machine manager package) and wiping it completely and replacing it with FreeNAS? Is that possible too? What are your thoughts on this?

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