Ubuntu vs Debian in data collection and the opt out solutions is Debian spying on us?

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A Video from Quidsup had me worried and I thought I am sharing my concern and ask for your experience and thoughts about it.


  1. I just watched the Quidsup video you mentioned and was interested as I run Debian. Like Quidsup, I thought the popularity-contest package was installed even though I specifically instructed the installer NOT to install popularity-contest. Upon checking after installation finished, popularity-contest was indeed NOT installed as I specified. I can understand Quidsup's statement, as I too thought the Debian installer did something I specifically told it not to do. Either way, popularity-contest is fairly innocuous and easy to remove if you wish.

  2. hi dirk, debian has had popcorn installed for years (to find the most popular installed packages), it is set to off by default, so you have to opt in to share what packages you have installed.

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