Ubuntu vs that other OS

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Head to head startup comparison between two OS on the same machines


  1. @EstebanGlas He's right though, XP boots pretty fast if you take care of it. I have Ubuntu and Vista now and I use both of them as Vista 'does' take a longer time to boot up properly.

  2. @oskarmedjo a faster computer will have the same results because if both the pcs were faster then the speed difference would stay the same so ubuntu would still be in the lead (thats if both pcs were the same or even if the xp one was slightly modified to be better)

  3. c mon man …this aint cool 😐 a know both systems very well and xp sp3 is ready to use in 4 cycles + disabled sounds ,etc.your sys.you manage it ;)…cut the crab …you have some fucked up XP thats why ubunty is faster …but respect for ubuntu for it;s policy 😀

  4. Linux compatible with 99 % of the softwares?
    Are u high or something?
    Linux lacks the support for a lot of programs , lacks the support for popular games (or even not that popular for any matter).
    "XP=as slow as you" – this isn't exactly my war , but i hate to see a linux fanatic taking the problem personally.
    Just take your Linux OS , and stick it deep in your ass. The only things that make it better than Windows are :
    1. Virus free
    2. Most of the software is free


  5. There's definitely something wrong with your "that other os" , because my netbook boots up in like 35 seconds?
    And i can also prove it if u don't believe me or if any other doesn't believe me. Video equal to 0 .

  6. How buggy the different apps run is different depening on your computer, no matter what OS it is. But yeah you're right, if you have no mind of your own, and depend on a corporation to dictate over choices that should be taken by you, seeing it is your computer, then Windows is by far the best. Point-and-click, viruses and spyware FTW! And who doesn'@t love the ever so gross Steve Ballmer?! That dumbass with his low IQ and high BMI really shows the heart and soul of Microsoft!

  7. Sorry but I think that your Ubuntu is very slow… My Ubuntu 9.04 is faster but my XP is even faster.. Also when I work with it XP works faster (firefox less laggy, explorer faster,…). The only thing that Ubuntu has better is the safety and it's update method. For the rest Linux = Server/geek OS.

  8. what the hell did you do to that xp install, it took like 5 years to load lol. even on a pentium III 850 with 10gb 4200rpm hdd, it does not take that long to load. oyu must have like 20938092384098234 things installed or some crap slowing it down. disk cleanup and defrag ftw

  9. lol. Im sorry, but iMac's suck. If you would've said Mac Pro, I would have had felt sorry for you still, but not as much. You don't seem to realize what kind of gaming PC's there are out there, do you? Same with Servers… But you actually thought your iMac was better than all PC's? Shame Shame.

  10. therein lies the problem. the idea that you have to optimize xp's boot and startup is an indication that a quick boot is a tweak rather than how the os comes. dont get me wrong, i dual boot and love both os's but linux does have a quicker boot time.

  11. Corporate image is the operative word. Most corporate images have more startup scripts than normal. I have a Dell 667mhz p3 256 mb ram and Xp takes a total of 25 seconds to boot.

  12. Machine Specs: Celeron M 360(1.4GHz), 1GB RAM, 40GB 4200rpm HDD, 15in 1024×768 LCD, Intel Extreme, CDRW/DVD, Modem(CDC), 10/100 Ethernet(LOM), 6 cell Li-Ion battery.

    As for the Windows properly configured; that is a preloaded (corporate) image.

  13. oh yes he's got XP properly configured…but let's face it .. no windows version can ever match the performance of LINUX. and yes , i do use vista ultimate on my desktop and ubuntu 7.10 on my laptop and i don't hate windows… but LINUX is just faster and more stable then any windows OS,but the downfall is … u can't use office 2007, photoshop cs3 or dreamweaver cs3, YET 😛

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