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as wel all know ubuntu sucks!
lets compare windows 7 with ubuntu 9.10.


  1. 1) Ubuntu can be installed in 60 minutes with all basic software.For Windows it take the same amount of time to install the only the OS (let alone drivers)
    2) Desktop layout can't be changed as easily as in KDE desktops.
    3) Windows is full of backdoors (even their "encryption" system does). Perhaps it's fine if you have nothing to hide to the police, but not cool if a hacker accesses and/or controls your system through it.
    4) Windows licences are expensive, Ubuntus' are free.
    5) If you need support, Canonical can do it (but will charge for it, of course!)
    6) Type one or two lines in the console isn't programming. Windows is a real nightmare for many programmers and Console users. Linux bash is 100x easier to use and makes you look like a hacker ;p

  2. canape256 you do realise that Ubuntu Kylin has been downloaded more than 1.3 million times in China in a few months. it will continue to grow to replace microsoft windows as an operating system

  3. i prefer linux before windows all days of the weak , it runs on allmust eavery device smart watches phones, routers raspberry pi ect ect its abow 35% + you can customice it as you lice , theres a reason why its so poppulare on servers its newer slows down and do not need to reboot exept you kernel change and there are no need for that running 24/7

  4. Sorry, apart from just buying Windows 7, you still have to buy Microsoft Office before you can finally make this presentation… Plus, I think he most likely to have pirated them, no doubt… Talking about paid products.

  5. Agreed, it took me the whole day (16 hours estimation) to setup Windows 7 and update to Service Pack 1, and I am not done with installing softwares yet. I literally spent the next whole day downloading and installing softwares like LibreOffice, Blender, GIMP, LMMS, Audacity, Steam, and an antivirus. I guess its useless to use Windows since I get most of the softwares on Ubuntu and I was able to fully setup everything including Java in less than 30 minutes… and only rebooted 2 times for install

  6. from 2009 til l2013 microsoft relesed just windows 7 and windows 8
    but ubuntu relised ubuntu 9.10,10.4,10.10,11.04,11.10,12.04,12.10 and 13.04
    where is ubuntu and where is windiows and ubuntu realesed many products (ubuntu tv,mobile,server) i think ur pc is just an immagination in ur brain

  7. "Windows 7 is Stable and Compatible"
    Windows is only good for gaming and gaming ONLY

  8. This poor kid's last activity on Youtube was December 2009. He was probably in the beginning of puberty back then. Nowadays he is probably very ashamed of everything he posted back in the day, because the stupidity of his arguments has been proven and is accounted for by hundreds or even thousands of people. I suggest everybody to just give it a rest and stop posting on his videos. Chances are nobody who thinks that GNU/Linux sucks is ever going to read your comments here.

  9. There is a special kind of stupid. You my friend may never appreciate this as it appears you fall into this category.

    I don't need to reiterate what others have said here but to point out that almost every device you have passed through to post here is running Linux seems worthwhile. You made this in Windows 7, congratulations. Your achievement is alongside a retard winning "the best type of poo to step in" competition.

    To make you feel better, I once drew a face in a cow-pat with a stick.

  10. yeah and wat are those 6 windows 7 versions cause i never heard of them and linux has so many Distros becase if u do not like one there is always another one to TRY OUT that is why it is OPEN SOURCE, YOU FUCKING RETARD

  11. Ubuntu support: 1 Million member fourms on the internet (most of which are experts). And Linux is meant to be a complicated operating system so in order to get things working on it you need to actually know what you're doing.

  12. I'm not going to bother listing all the errors you made here.
    Besides the fact that you forgot how Linux gets no viruses (and you have tons of viruses from all the gay porn sites you visit every. fucking. day.).

  13. 1. Whenever I reinstall Windows (yes, I occasionally have to reinstall it because it's unstable as fuck and fragments my HDD to shreds) I have to re-download every single driver for my sound card, graphics card, and for every other hardware that connects to my motherboard via PCI-e (wifi, ethernet, etc).
    2. When I install Linux, everyhing works from start.
    3. Well, except if you live in <2010 and you own an ATi card. Then you do have to look around for drivers, but ATi is unstable even on Win..

  14. Linux comes with Libre Office which does more shit than a $300+ copy of Microsoft Office. And guess how much it costs? NOTHING!!! Correct me if I'm wrong but Linux is meant to be used as a work OS and Windows is supposed to be used as a gaming OS. Hence the reason why Linux has 4 screens to work with right off the get go. Don't get mad just because it can't play games well. It's a programming OS and is primarily supposed to be used as a programming OS and an at-work OS.

  15. excuse me but i think you got mixed up when you chose the winner because LINUX IS AWESOME! (although i can't figure out how to use it on my windows 7 computer 🙁 )

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