Ubuntu VS Windows 7 Update

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Unity continues to impress.


  1. @tostoday After almost 2 months of 11.04 release's I decide to install it and then I have now the (in)famous bug of Battery stimating.
    Saw one of your videos just 2 days ago, about a "computer future with Zorin OS", you talk about this Bug and said that with that applet you can manage the battery time.
    What is the name of this applet?

  2. However, I understand the need for change, to see something else, just for fun end education, other than that it's a waste of time. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Linux (why would I) , just talking about transition from Win to Linux , in my case that's absurd, no matter how well they will make the whole Linux user experience in the future. That's just my opinion, it doesn't mean anything, so enjoy the life no matter what OS you choose to run 🙂

  3. Sure, it's free, but apart from that, I don't see how it will ever come even close to Windows. More secure … that's a myth, simply because Linux community is very small and as such that OS isn't targeted. Even out of the box Win is secure enough without any additional software, you just keep it updated and you'll be good, you can scan with on-demand scanner external sources such as usb sticks etc. But it's no shame to run some free AV in real-time. Faster, easier … I don't think so, no way.

  4. @gzenum it all comes down to what you want, i dual boot, because i need 3 applications in windows that wake way to slow on my laptop through virtualization, theres things i prefer doing in linux and not so much a security thing because theres days when windows makes me want to pull my hair out, i love both OSes just same.. and soon as Linux has FL Studio, Cubase and Reason 5 Working natively its toodles windows

  5. @gzenum

    If you build your own computer (it didn't arrive with Windows on it) then Linux is a great opportunity to save yourself some money (quite a bit of cash!) It's a free operating system; Windows isn't free. The cost of it is added to your computer. If computers didn't come with a pre-installed version of Windows more people would turn to Linux. People are reluctant to swap because they got charged for Windows (and of course as most games are made for Windows people want Windows).

  6. @gzenum Well, I can't speak for tostoday, but here's how I see it. Windows may be more stable and newbie friendly for those who don't want to deal with fixing things once in a whole, but you can't really do that much without a million extra software for everything. To me, Linux is faster, easier, more secure, and it works better for almost everything. I still use Windows for most gaming. Having them both installed is really the best solution for me. They both go pretty much neck in neck I think.

  7. You always say how Win7 is bug free (and it really is) , nothing wrong with it etc. , but I'm confused, why do you even bother with Linux world ?? There's absolutely nothing to gain by switching from Win7 to any kind of Linux.

  8. I am just installing Unity on my desktop now since the Vista OS crashed. I'd love a Unity-for-dummies video to kick off my learning. I could prolly figure it all out on my own within a very short time, but why not let you do the hard work for me.

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