Ultimate $420 Windows XP Gaming PC Build

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for $420 we constructed using used parts the best bang for the buck PC we could, running the iconic legendary OS that is Windows XP.

Turn up your volume for the full XP experience

We barely were able to do this at this cost, but, this cost about as much as a PS4 Pro, and I had no tax on this thanks to ebay, so its about the same.

For the cost, I ended up with a rig that can outperform the ps4 pro by a huge margin and do 4K too.

I used EasyBCD to set up dual boot
I used nlite to…


  1. That is not a xp pc a gaming pc it is freaking better then my windiws 98/xp destop i would make it dual boot with windows 7 my main pc is faster (ofcourse xD) i play games but that pc i a freaking beast i got mine for 188 euro (around 200$) it can play CoD Black Ops 3 on medium setting 40-60 fps imagen it on that pc omg i think you can run it on med-high setting 60-90 fps

  2. Hello psychoticgiraffe
    I want build the computer in this ways cause my sister have my old computer but he fuck up it so i want build news one . is posible having the number mother board . and all other piece

  3. GTA V – I think 200 fps, Because the map of this game isnt big, and map loading takes down fps too.

    GTA IV – 600 FPS I have seen multiple i7's run at 600+ fps in gta IV. The graphics are not that good and the map is medium

    GTA: San Andreas – 1200 FPS First of all, this is a super lightweight game. What was it again? 3 gb, and its not that graphical. Storyline is good tho:3

    GTA III – 2000 fps. Why? This game is just old and light.

    GTA II – I think this game limits 60 fps but without limit i think you will get 6500 fps

    GTA I- 9500 fps. This is almost as light as pinball. trust me lol.

    Battlefield 1942 – 2400 FPS
    Minecraft – 2000 fps
    FSX – 2000 fps
    Roblox – 3500 fps
    Warface – 1200 fps
    NASA Sim – 40 fps
    Blank Dot Flash – 10000 fps

  4. "THE MOST DEMANDING TITLES" on my GTX 760TI can´t run Space cadet on 10000FPS is amazing, i reach close to 5000 FPS, it´s unplayable for me, same for cells, 5000FPS, is very, very unplayable, looks horrible, and i feel sick. need your graphics card, i don´t wanna play a game to 5000FPS never, these frames is for console peasants.

  5. When choosing whether to dual boot between Windows 7 or 10, I'd be inclined to choose 10. It has the greatest amount of support from hardware and software vendors, and has a few features that are pretty darn appealing for gaming, chiefly support for the Xbox Play Anywhere feature, which allows you to play otherwise Xbox One exclusive titles on your PC.

    However, I don't use Windows 10 as stock. I change a lot of settings, block telemetry, turn off Cortana, uninstall all the deafault metro apps (except for the Store and Xbox apps) and a few other things. I also recreate the start menu using Classic Shell. I'm to produce an almost perfect replica of the Windows 7 start menu and taskbar that way, even down to the start button icon. This allows me to bring greater functionality and aero glass aesthetic appeal to an otherwise flat and painfully simpleton layout.

    Personally, I think that is the best of both worlds. To have the increased functionality and support of Windows 10, and still have the greater layout, orderliness and visyal stimulation that Windows 7 offers.

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