Ultra-Newbie Guide for Flashing the Nokia N9 in Ubuntu

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This video tutorial is based from the same Wiki Article (wiki.maemo.org) for flashing the Nokia N9. URL is here: to provide a video demonstration of what’s written in the Wiki Article.

For MS Windows users:

Actual flashing steps are the same. The only thing that will differ is the installation of the Flasher application on your computer. For details please refer to wiki.maemo.org/Flashing_N9.

Note: in this video, both the RootFS and eMMC were flashed. In…


  1. As mentioned in the "Description"…process is the same. The only difference is the installation of the Flasher Application (just follow the steps indicated in the link I have provided in the description). Another difference is that you don't have to type the word "sudo" in the command because "sudo" is a Linux command.

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