Understanding Linux commands and how they work – Free training from the course Linux Under the Hood

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What happens when you run a linux command? Topics in this video:

0:41 Explaining what is involved: opening a file for read
1:54 Understanding system calls
4:21 Reading about system calls in man
7:22 Understanding library calls
8:59 Understanding the strict separation between userland and kernel land
13:46 Using strace and ltrace
18:38 Understanding signals

This video about understanding Linux commands and how they work is a free video lesson from the “Linux Under the Hood Video…


  1. I have been following Sander for a couple of years now. I am sure there are other folks out there who are trying to help us with Linux. I have found Sander goes the extra mile when it comes to training. I have purchased some of his books and videos and if you follow him, he will send out email when he is discounting them. I believe Sander is not out to be rich off his videos or books, rather he is out to help us with our training and Linux. So if you get a minute take a look at this video and his other training material. I believe you will be impressed on how he has gone the extra mile to help us learn Linux. The beauty that I like about video's rather than class room training is I can go back and watch it as many times as I want till it sinks in. If you have questions Sander will do his best to reply and explain things you do not understand. I am not getting paid to post this review I honestly believe he is trying to help us.
    Thanks have a look and if you want to learn what goes on under the hood of Linux then take this course.

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