Uniq utility (commands for linux)

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The uniq utility or command, like sort might not work the way you first expect.
In this tutorial i demonstrate some of the most common functionality of the uniq utility.
Some of the most valuable features of the uniq utility come to light when used in conjunction with the sort utility as shown in this tutorial.
The uniq command is one of the bash command line utilities that you will find yourself using quite often as part of your command line arsenal.

sort tutorial:…


  1. Just wanted to say a sincere Thank You for all the hard work you've put into it, Linux Leech. Saved my day.

    As already's been mentioned, I really like how you're using commands taught in previous tutorials – this kind of spacing plus repetition really helps retention.

    Also, you employ a very nice clear tone of voice, which is easy to follow, understand and simply listen to.

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