Unity 7 Session in Ubuntu 17.10

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A look at the now unmaintained Unity 7 Desktop in Ubuntu 17.10. Most features seem to work, except application icons won’t show in the top-right hand side, and I couldn’t open multiple copies of Nautilus file manager.
Its good to see Global / Local menus and Heads Up Display (HUD) working for both GTK and Qt applications.

$ sudo apt install unity

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  1. lol i cant remember if i commented this already but I wonder … if the people who are working on keeping Unity working in say 17.10 and then 18.04 will be able to submit fixes upstream to have Canonical include them. I wouldn't even mind (with Canonical noting THEY may accept patches for Unity from the community but they are not working on the DE themselves … aka inhouse) an option in the installer if Unity works in 18.04 … where people that do not like Gnome can have an (?? ratio box maybe) option "Gnome Shell" or "Unity"

  2. If you install unity in 17.10 , it doesn't just "sort of works," it works, just like 16.04, which I upgraded from yesterday. If you want 2, 3, 4 windows in nautilus, all you have to do is right click on the unity nautilus icon and select "new window." You can even switch the display manager and reinstall lightdm, you even get the drum roll. A missing icon here or there really doesn't matter. I just wish I could get back all the of the unity dash search functionality.

  3. When I heard that Ubuntu was dropping Unity for Gnome shell I tried it , and hated it! I took a gamble and went for the Budgie desktop, and it's surprisingly good! It's as stable as anything I've tried , and with a bit of tweaking, looks stunningly beautiful!

  4. Linux software doesn't go away just because it's not being actively developed. You can still install and use twm from 1987 on Ubuntu if you really want to. Unity might suffer more from software rot as its dependencies drift into incompatibility, but expect it to hang on for a while yet.

  5. App indicators were ditched in the new GNOME shell, that's why the icons don't appear in Unity. Also, an unpatched, newer version of Nautilus is being used. Canonical packaged a custom version of Nautilus with Ubuntu, and it allowed for global menus and more conventional window decorations, without all the buttons in the top bar like GNOME are pushing for applications to do.

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