Unity Tweak Tool – The Easy Way to Customise Ubuntu

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A new handy tool for modifying a verity of settings in Compiz and Unity in Ubuntu. Unity Tweak Tool is ideal for both power users and new users, and seems perfectly safe to use.

You can tweak all sorts of settings, such as:
Behaviour of Unity launcher
Launcher colour and transparency
Icon size
Icon background
Global menu transparency
Indicator settings
Workspace switcher
Window snapping
Mouse cursor (still broken)
Desktop icons

Installation Instructions for Ubuntu 13.04:


  1. I am a new user of Ubuntu, never used Linux.Installed unity Tweak on Intel Stick using Ubuntu 14.4.When run says following schema is missing. Install com.canonical.indicator.appmenu.hud but how.  All that I wanted was to increase cursor size.

  2. i have quastion , how did you change the behavior of the window when it minimize and maimaize and when it move is it from the UNITY TWEAK TOOL as well if so then im using a 12.04 ubuntu so what can i do . if not then how did you custimize it this way and is it compatable with the 12.04 please HELP ME BY REPLING OR JUST MAKE VIDEO I WILL REALLY APPRECIATE IT .

  3. Hey mate how can you help me out here when you move your window by draging from top then it shows some effects like one @ 0:12 but it is not happening in my computer tell me how can i do that wint my ubuntu 13.04 please.

  4. Wish I could increse mouse pointer size and color. Haven't found an easy method. These 84 year old eyes need help. Hate to say it but I've been successful doing it in Windows. Want this kind of a tweak in ubuntu.

  5. We shall investigate the situation around the cursor changing =)
    Negative on the "Application title bar transparency", simply cos it requires gconf and that not supported technology as everything is moving/moved to dconf (gsettings). If such options land in there we shall consider it, of course.

  6. i know he does. but i've seen all quidsup videos . and i can recognize if the OS slow or not in VM at quidsup's videos . and as far as i saw … 13.04 is so slow.

  7. Nice video quids . I did a little Google search and i found a way to install it on ubuntu 12.10 and I think it also works for 12.04 .
    1.Open Terminal .
    2.Copy and Paste this command : sudo add-apt-repository ppa:freyja-dev/unity-tweak-tool-daily
    3.Type in your password .
    4.Type : sudo apt-get update in Terminal .
    5.And finally Copy and Paste this command : sudo apt-get install unity-tweak-tool
    6.Your Welcome ! 😀

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