UNLOCK guide 144Hz FreeSync on MG279Q Windows 10 /8

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For Windows 8 and 10:
My easy to use guide will show you how to unlock the 90hz cap on the Asus MG279Q monitor so that FreeSync can run up to 144Hz. This fix allows smoother gamplay and the full potential of your monitor.

For the Windows 7 guide please see my other video here:

I bought one of these monitors and was a bit cheesed off that it only did 90hz on FreeSync and it was a 144hz one as well. So most of the time i set it to 90hz only which was a waste….


  1. I have a samsung freesynce monitor, but it won't allow me to g pass 120hz under HDMI. I'm only getting 60hz under display port . Both Cables came with samsung's monitor.

  2. shiet man, where did u get the brains for it? Is it like Asus updates or something?
    And I thought I had smooth gaming… I mean, there were no tearing or stuttering or whtasoever even when I gamed out of freesync range (95-105 fps), but now…. It's so fokking smooth man, like butter jimmy, like butter… eye candy, mothef
    shiet give this man an oscar or something…
    brains man, youve got brains

  3. Pardon my ignorance on the subject and relationship between monitor refresh rate and FPS from the GPU. I am running the Asus MG279Q with a MSI RX 480 8GB Gaming X card. Should I also use the 60-144Hz freesync driver? Playing Ghost Recon Wildlands, I am only getting around 44 FPS average at HIGH setting. Thanks!

  4. In my case it says "Freesync disabled. Freesync only can be activated in 35~90 Hz range" as soon as I set the refresh rate to 144 Hz in adapter properties. Does anybody know how to solve this?

  5. What hardware are you using? My r9 Fury Nitro is in the 45-65 FPS in most of the recent AAA games @ 1440p. Do you Crossfire to hit 60-144 Hz or are you just turning down all the graphic settings?

  6. Nice video. But on my setup (MG279Q with GTZ970) I cannot get it working. I use the miniDP cable, but in my monitor OSD i go to Image>Freesync and I can only select ON(35-90Hz). And then my refresh rate sticks at 60Hz. When I turn of freesync on the monitor, the refresh rate is always 144Hz (not adaptive). What am I missing?

  7. Hey bro hopefully you respond. When i do the troubleshoot restart. When the numbers pop up it doesnt let me choose. I click 7 and it does nothing so i end up having to shut down the pc through the button. Why is this?

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