Unlock your windows phone 8/8.1 and deploy cracked/ patched xap on your phone

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Now you can developer unlock any windows phone 8 / 8.1 devices and can install cracked xap apps and games.

I updated my L720 with 8.1 dev preview.

Using windows 8 on my pc
1. I used the old chinese software (version 4.3)
2. I installed it.
3. Disable PC from internet. Run it, it will ask for update. then choose NOT.
4. Disable phone from internet, connect it.
5. After it show the blue button, I reconnect BOTH to the internet network
6. Click the blue button
7. Wait for a while
8. I got an…


  1. hai, i have opened the chinese jailbreak software and connected my lumia 525. but it is again showing as not connected. even though i have connected properly..,, first 2 seconds an arrow mark from bottom side is shown and then again the picture of phone not connected to cable is showing on desktop.how to unlock it??

  2. man its not detecting my phone when I connect to computer a laptop icon with arrow pop ups and after a second yellow flag error comes and nothing happens please please please please help me man and reply

  3. i successfully unlocked and sideloaded apps on my Lumia 520 and it's unlimited (because of SD card). But it's now dead. My 520 is dead 🙁 i don't know if the cause is the sideloaded apps or the Technical preview Windows 10 mobile. Inoticed little by little it crashes frequently and then restarts the phone until i cannot use my Lumia 520 again. I bought new lumia, and it's Lumia 830 but… i'm afraid it would do the same when i try these "hacks" again to my phone. IS IT RISKY?

  4. Hey Bro, I have Unlocked my phone…. Now from where should I download .XAP file??
    Download Manually from windows store or from that Chinese store???

    Pls reply me pls pls pls

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