UNMODIFIED Windows 7 Ultimate running (crawling) with 160 MB RAM

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Some weeks ago I tried to investigate, what’s the minimum amount of RAM that Windows 7 Ultimate x86 needs.

Not 1 GB, it’s clearly visible. Setup cannot run if the computer haven’t 512 MB (Vista legacy) or more RAM. But after, when everything is installed Win 7 can run with this unbelievable small amount of RAM. (Not run, crawl, but works).

I tried first with 32 MB, chanceless. Then 128 MB (as same). Then I put back the 32 MB module too, got 160 MB and Windows starting…

The config:


  1. Egyébként nekem kb. 100mb-al kevesebbet evett a 8.1, azzal nem akarod letesztelni? Bár lehet hogy annak minimum P4-es vagy újabb proci kell utasításkészletek miatt…

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