Upgrade vs Nuke ‘n Pave | LINUX Unplugged 173

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After a slew of open source updates we contrast upgrades vs fresh install, get an update on the state of snaps & get geeky about performance monitoring our Linux rigs.

Plus the fake VLC story, a live install of Plasma Desktop & more!

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  1. The Linux-Windows subsystem will bring more developers and admins to Linux (My prediction). In college we only did development and Sysadmin on windows. There was only 1 admin course in Linux. I made the eventual jump to Linux on my own. The freedom, customizability, and affordability blew my mind. The Subsystem gives students a unified method of administering both OSes.

  2. Huh. I just moved /bin, /sbin, /lib, /lib32 and /lib64 to the /usr branch because… I'm not sure. Symlinks aren't much prettier than directory proliferation. But I'm surprised it worked.

  3. microsoft can make all the claims they want but theirs a reason their own users are still using windows 7 and still hate everything microsoft does to windows 10 every time a big new update is pushed
    a company like microsoft hasint understood what the word better actually means since vista in my opinion

  4. despite what i said in the chat if it shows in this video i only nuke and pave when it comes to wanting a different desktop environment
    i find that the issue with switching from one to the other is that the tweaks and stuff from the previous desktop environment causes bugs and other issues

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