USB booting computers tips and tricks, loading xp with no internal cdrom, MW800 workstation example

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As requested, a guide to USB booting with the MW800 workstation, I also cover various other methods for booting / loading windows XP and other operating systems on computers that arent equipped with a factory internal CDrom drive.


  1. DataTraveler USB keys are good for making bootable USB keys. I do this all the time for touchscreen terminals that don't have CD drives. Using these keys, I've only ever had problems with older BIOSes that have no USB boot support at all. HTH.

  2. Only way I can get USB to boot on a virgin windows xp computer is if I change the boot order and send USB as the first boot location (before, floppy, disk, etc) in the BIOS. I do not have to do that with windows 7 and 8 devices. I run backtrack on a 14 year old computer lol

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