USB polling rate hack for windows 7/8/8.1/10 (x86_x64)

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Increase mouse USB polling rate:

0. Unzip/unconpress the files to an empty folder

1. FIRST(!) Install the digital certification/SweetLow.CER file (double click on file next-next etc)

2. Open the “driver” folder

3. Run setup.exe

4. Chose/pick your mouse on list

5. Pick “filter on device”

6. Set the USB frequency/rate what your mouse CAN handling (has ability) without “jo-jo” effect (up/jump) so: what frequency keep stable.

7. Install…


  1. how the fuck is this working for you? i simply click setup.exe, the "mouse rate adjuster setup" comes up, i am only able to downclock but cannot clock up past 125

  2. jó lenne ha tudnál segiteni, vettem egy új egeret, és nem működik windows 7 64 bit alatt úgy ahogy kéne: 1. nem reagál a gombokra csak néha a jobbra. 2. aprókat mozdit a kurzorral. Amúgy meg linux mint 18 cinnamon alatt megy mint a karikacsapás.

  3. i have bought a new mouse, and i have a problem with it everything works fine with it but when i plug it in in windows 7 64 bits it starts to bug me, the buttons do not work, the cursor does not move just a little bit, any suggestions? btw i have dual boot with linux mint cinnamon 18, thanks in advance!

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