Using Sed to Replace Tabs in File Linux Shell Tutorial – BASH

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Intro Video by Milan Ristic
Intro Music By m2cm2cm2c


  1. hey! your videos are actually great…I just want to know if i can edit a particula line usind SED….suppose i need to change only one or two characters…with something else how wud i do dat??

  2. Well, I have a new series on SED starting Monday August 19th. I hope to show the ins and outs of SED. I'm guessing there will be some where between 15 and 20 videos in the series by the time I'm done. Mainly because I need to learn SED better and I learn best by teaching my viewers. 🙂

  3. Yes, you can pass SED both Variables from your shell environment and also use Regular Expressions. But, because of your comment, I have decided to do a series on SED. So, keep an eye out. In 2 or 3 weeks I will start posting SED Videos ever Monday for a while.

    I hope you like and enjoy them.

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