Using the Exif tool on Linux to read / write Exif Tags to your photo collection.

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In today’s screen cast I am going to show you how to read and write Exif tags to and from your digital photographs. Exif is an acronym for EXchangeable Image File format, which is a standard for including metadata in certain types of files, particularly JPEG image files produced by your digital camera. This metadata can contain a lot of information like the make of your camera, but it also includes details about each photograph, like the exposure, shutter speed…


  1. Just a worthy note, don't assume commercially managed web sites are scrubbing your EXIF data since as of this date Amazon doesn't sanitize it while comparable sites like Facebook or Google Groups scrub the data, but Google publishes camera info as an HTML sidebar / properties if anyone wants to see it.l
    The trolls shit when yourespond with their home address extracted from their iPhones GPS or correlate them at stolencamerafinder and slap them back with their other trollid's

  2. u r right, it's a really powerful tool, but there's no gui, no plan to develop a gui for edit exif data, nor a similar project under linux. All i found are a couple of sugestions about installing wine and some windows software to do it with a gui.

    Is it so hard to develop a gui with all this power under the command line?

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