Using the Windows 8 E-Mail App For Dummies

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Windows 8 comes with an app for sending and receiving e-mail. A glance at the start screen’s mail tile shows you the latest email by name and subject. The mail app works with hotmail, Windows Live, and Google’s Gmail accounts.


  1. how does one import old email messages from a vista/windows live mail account? i can't find any videos that cover that simple upgrade step. i need my archived mail but cant seem to figure out how to get them off my old laptop and onto the new one using the windows 8 mail app…

  2. how can i do what i used do with inbox. double clicking it and zooming in the specific
    email. without having to see the rest of the bars such folders ect..

  3. Try and sort by sender! Or try referring to a web page while you are typing! You can't even minimise this thing. You aren't a dummy if you can't use it – it's just rubbish, like an old 90s thing. Do what I did, give up and run (free) Mozilla Thunderbird from your desktop.

  4. This much like IE ever since version 7 is lacking big time. I ant access many sites in IE, and the mail has no good way of deleting junk or looking at older emails. Such a shame.

  5. What I don't understand is how I can see contacts? or email over 2 weeks old? How do you access these from the App or do you have to go to internet explorer and log-on~ (which is what I do now)

  6. Another idiot who jumps right over "you have to make a Hotmail account." What is he talking about? How do you make an account, that's what I need to know. What are the settings? Like what is Domain? What is the difference between user name and account name?

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