Using Windows 8 System Restore

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In this video I take a look at how we can use Windows 8 system restore to take our computers settings back to and earlier point in time should we run into problems.

In other videos on the channel we looked at setting up Windows 8 system restore and then how to create a restore point. This video will show how that all comes together to help protect your computer and its settings.


  1. my computer settings and options along with the system is very different from yours and because of that it was really difficult for me to relate and follow you step by step so i decided to create a restore point and delete a lot of files that were useless

  2. With Windows XP I could pick a date MONTHS back if I wanted too. With windows 8.1 I can restore back 25 minutes ago. But the problem didn't just start. It's been going on for at least a week if not more. Grr…

  3. Can some one please help I'm trying to do a system restore and it won't let me. It says "system restore is disabled by your system administrator." I don't know how to enable it 🙁

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