UtD: Ubuntu 12.10 VS Windows 8 //BOOT TEST

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Ubuntu 12.10 VS Windows 8 Comparison!

This COLD BOOT TEST (No hibernation) places a clean install of Ubuntu 12.10 up against clean install of Windows 8 Release Preview to see which boots faster. As it happens, they’re pretty close! Both operating systems were booted 2 times before this test was filmed to give them time to adjust to the hardware. Had I…


  1. I don't pick the OS by how long it takes for it to boot up… it's irrelevant and especially in this case when the difference is non existent. What matters is that Ubuntu is free, works faster, and it's generally a much better operating system.

  2. I think you should install 10 programs on Ubuntu, 10 programs + antivirus on Windows, setup Firefox to autorun at startup and see in which OS Firefox open first.

  3. I have one question, why did have my windows 7 ramdomly bluescreens.. Windows 8 does not have them but im really sure, windows 7 has a lot more fps when i play several games than in windows 8. How can i fix this bluescreens, and when i install a Programm, my windows 7 freezes for 2 or 5 seconds and then it work again or have a bluescreen. Can anyone tell me how can i fix this? (drivers and something like that are up to date). Sorry for bad english. English ist not my First Language, Thats german.

  4. ONLY CLEAN istallation vs CLEAN installation? 😀 .. Workspace vs Metro? 😀
    Install the same 10 programs in Ubuntu and Windows 8 and then u will see difference.. Ubuntu is fully usable after it displays workspace. But windows 8 only displays Metro and for workspace u must wait because disk still runs in.
    I have both.. dual boot ubuntu+windows8(fully defragmented)>>>(i3-2.4GHz, 8GB ram DDR3, HDD 5400rpm).. Sorry for my english..

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