UtD: Ubuntu 12.10 VS Windows 8 //COMPARISON

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CORRECTION // *Ubuntu CAN ‘Read/Write’ NTFS*
My pronunciation of ‘oo-boon-too’ may be irritating to some viewers.

In this video I do an in-depth comparison of Windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.10. Installation, Interface, Optimisation, Features, Programs and Support.


//Ubuntu CAN Read/Write NTFS Partitioned Drives
– Corrected by Alopex94


The music in this video is Josh…


  1. I imagine, when ubuntu will have a really BEAUTIFULL store. I mean… Not just the squares named and some buttons to back and search. A great store, with some effects, more interactive, like google play store, windows store, Xbox store, PlayStation store. That and other details would make come many people to try the OS. Who else agree to me??

  2. Ubuntu merged touch and desktop interfaces right. The interface has large buttons and support for gestures for touch devices but feels just fine with a mouse and keyboard. Everything is unified. Windows 8 just needlessly splits things up.

  3. Lmao I can relate to the cluelessness part.
    One day the professor kept trying to exit the startup menu when he accidentally went into it for 10 minutes until he called tech support of the college lol.

    Also obviously no one in class had any idea how W8 worked.
    Its interface is complete shit. I'm going to keep using 7 until they completely stop support for it or come up with a better OS.

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