UV Textures Across Multiple Objects – Blender 3D – Linux

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  1. Nice tutorial, but this is still a long work-around compared to how easy it is in 3dsmax. Blender needs to improve the options to apply modifiers and UV maps to multiple objects at once.

  2. Trying to do something which is sort of the opposite. Which would be texture painting across multiple objects (which already share the same material and texture map.) You'd think it'd be possible to do by selecting multiple objects and going to texture paint mode, but that doesn't work. Any ideas on how to deal with it?

  3. Lol, when I heard you talk about the problem you ran into, your solution was the first thing that came to mind. One thing you could also try is having all the front faces (the faces of the cube that have the picture on them) one material, then have all the other faces a different material, best way to eliminate the texture stretching.

  4. Hey, if, when you are choosing the project from view, you select only the front faces, that should stop it from doing that weird stretch on the edges.
    AKA, press num 3, then b, then select the front vertices only, then back to front view, and then press u to project from view.

  5. @MrYesirom: Yeah, I guess I just didn't think of it because that isn't how it was done back when I used 3D Max. I believe it was just a texture option. I may have just been so focused on starting with multiple cubes I didn't think about starting with one object and splitting it. O'well, at lest I can do it now.

    At lest I didn't know how to do it and then forget I knew. You have no clue how many times I've Googled something I want to do, only to find out I already did a video on it 🙂

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