UV#05 Install KX Studio – The Linux Source of Audio Software

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unfa vlog #05

I’m talking about KX Studio – a project that makes the best Linux Audio programs and plugins easy to get and use.


– KX Studio
– UNetbootin

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After publishing this video Airhorn Caobel commented on Facebook about two great alternatives to UNetbootin – Thanks!

– Rufus
– Etcher


  1. Is this a side project of KDE?

    I love the fact that it comes with KDE4!
    KDE4 Splash Screens need to be updated for Plasma. So many people worked on them and now they lay there unused, some of them were really creative.

    This distro brought me memories from KDE4 :'(

    I will see if I should use KXStudio or Ubuntu Studio. Hard choice since Ubuntu Studio doesn't come with KDE.

    Thank you for the review. I'm looking forward to someday release Copyleft songs made by GNU apps!! 😀

  2. Hey unfa, any chance you could make a video about making deep subby dub (not dubstep)/psybient style basslines in Zynaddsubfx? I always struggle to get a feel solid subby sound even though it is simply synthesis task. I would particularly be interested in the wave shapes and filter settings to use.

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