Valve have MULTIPLE unannounced Linux projects!

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  1. Call me cynical but I think Valve's motivation behind the Linux platform has less to do with looking out for gamers and more to do with getting out of Microsoft's grip on the PC gaming market.

  2. Hey Linux gamer, real talk, would you be open to an open debate about Linux and Windows? Over Discored or anything. If you're interested please let me know.

  3. I would really like steam making a gaming laptop with powerful graphics card (AMD or Nvidia) a la Alienware but preloaded with SteamOS (so you can game with it or put any linux distro you want on it and just add steam)

  4. I hope that Steam improve the Linux Games, it can be a good oportunity because Windows is selling their own games in the Windows Store. Good games… Like aoe… That i want to buy it on Steam…

  5. I imagine Valve who is licensing things like Source Engine already to expand their reach maybe by some new game framework and engine. The sentence particle 'including those not on Steam' would make more sense. Other technologies are their AI anti-cheat system, Steam controller, Steam VR and such.

    So, Valve could be on the verge to become an even bigger player in the Linux ecosystem even without the 'distribution channel' Steam. Imagine something like 'Simple DirectMedia Layer' SDL – but this time from Valve and built on Vulcan, VR and whatnot – it could be a start of some blossoming in our sometimes small world.

  6. Linux is a great platform for those looking for a more private and respectful alternative to Windows. I love Linux Mint for that reason. The options for DEs and full blown OSs is magnificent. I plan on testing out others just for fun, until I can settle on a proper, daily driver.

  7. I also think that the Vulkan API will be on of the keys to get really cross platform games running. If Vulkan is supported well on Windows and Linux it should be much easier to port or just cross compile the games. Lets be realistic: Windows is still the PC Gaming OS because DirectX 11 and 12 are very well supported, pretty much all game developer know it and it deliver pleasant performance on most hardware.
    But I looking forward when Vulkan makes DirectX completely obsolete! 😀

  8. i find it funny how people are ok with the windowsbox one but steam machines are bad

    so what you want is controlling UWP garbage over an open sourced game console?

    if so you are part of why when win7 support ends in 2020 microsoft is going to have it easy when they f*** pc gamers over by making steam worse than the win10 store in terms of functionality

    so you have until 2020 to enjoy steam gaming on windows then it's all going to go downhill as microsoft will finally have an excuse to not care about steam since windows 7 is dead and they have pretty much abandoned win 8.1 due to no one wanting it

    call me crazy now but remember what was said here when it does happen

  9. This is great to hear! Love that Valve is stepping up and helping the linux community out. Love your videos man! Keep up the good work!

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