Veritas Volume Manager – VxVM 7 – Linux – Create DiskGroup, Volumes and Filesystems

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Create Disk Group, Volumes and File systems:

– Initialize the disk
# vxdisksetup -i sdb

– Uninitialize the disk
# vxdiskunsetup -C sdb

– Initiate or Create a disk group
# vxdg init datadg datadg01=sdb

– Add disk to disk group
# vxdg -g datadg adddisk datadg02=sdc

– Remove disk from disk group
# vxdg -g datadg rmdisk datadg03

– Rename device name in Volume Manager
# vxedit -g datadg rename sdc datadg02

– Destroy disk group
# vxdg destroy datadg …


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