[Vinesauce] Joel – Windows 7 Destruction ( FULL STREAM )

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The long awaited sequel to the Windows XP Destruction video, this time exploring the Windows 7 OS. Awful animated cursors, annoying toolbars and awful software that claims to “speed up your PC”. Enjoy
Date streamed: 27 July, 2014

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  1. When I was a teenager, I somehow managed to get my computer infected with this malware that kept messing up my internet connection. Then one day, a fake anti-virus program popped up, that made it so that I couldn't open anything–including the Task Manager. My relatives managed to get it removed–or so it seemed. Sometime later, it popped up yet again, and at that point we just gave up and got a new computer. (Thankfully, my files were unaffected, so I was able to transfer them to the new one. It was just the regristry that was affected or something like that, according to what I was told.) I have no idea where that horrible virus came from, but I hope I never see anything like it again!

    Also, I don't remember if this was tied to that incident, or if this was a different one entirely–but at one point, I kept getting these annoying windows popping up in my browser with a loud voice saying "REPAIR WINDOWS ERRORS". Scared the crap out of me!

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