Vista vs Ubuntu

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The new Windows OS trying to be all cool with the new effects.. something you could have for free on Ubuntu.. without upgrading your pc for it


  1. una burla ese sistema operativo parece es jugando q' cosa tan fea
    yo me quedo con mi windows 10pro y pago es super exelente y no con esos efectos tan rebuscados y mi windows 10 es velos y estable no confio en eso gratuito ni me gusto

  2. @ZoCaaH i think thats the point. Vista was ~3GB of software, out of the box and was slow as shit. Any linux distro is <1GB. Also most computers can run linux (i have it running on a computer with ~500MB of RAM and 20GB HDD and it runs perfectly).

  3. @SuperDave341 STEAM + Source games are often enough to keep many gamers happy (Not to mention the major MMO's will all run under WINE/Cedega without VMware). I agree Linux isn't the go-to platform for games. Just saying that you can indeed be a hardcore gamer and run Linux. Anyway, like I said… you can get a helluva lot of games working on Linux, often with just WINE, but if you're into more obscure games or don't want the PITA, Linux is less attractive. Workable, but not your best option.

  4. @saberswordsmen1 Still, game made for the windows platform are around 4000 games, and game made for linux turn around 200, as a collector or just for a gaming pc, the linux can't be used. Sure you can virtualise windows or try to do comptability but these game were originaly for windows so windows is certaintly the winner for the video game side. I think 4000 game to choose from ranging 1993 to today is much interesing than a few game that is made each year on the linux since 1996

  5. @SuperDave341 Many games that will run on Windows will run on Linux. Steam and the Source engine runs, Lord of the Rings Online runs, Eve Online runs… a lot to choose from. The downside is it's currently a PITA to get them to run, and they won't run on all systems. If they make that process as simple as installing on Windows, they'll be a lot closer to what they want.

  6. Пользуюсь Убунтой уже больше года, но первым делом отключил все свистоперделки, так что это видео для меня больше о недостатках этой системы, чем о достоинствах.

  7. @Maniacoffskiy Ну, если бы правительство, например, обращало больше внимания на разработку беспл.ПО и ввела бы стандартом Linux – тогда бы появились и проги и игрушки под Linux для людей.

  8. Задолбали "обмороженные" хвастаться визуальными эффектами,множеством рабочих столов и всякими "фишечками". Только это и показывают !
    Меня "семёрка" вполне устраивает.Смотрю на это "шоу" и улыбаюсь.

  9. @Askar450 I glanced over your "Actually Windows can do what Linux can't and the biggest one that stands out is not being able to play games natively." comment and read: "Actually Linux can do what Windows can't and the biggest one that stands out is not being able to play games natively." and thought that I agree. PC gaming is indeed a HUGE waste of productivity. Then I reread your post and went, damn, that's not what you meant. LOL

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